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10 Reasons Grace Lanes is Perfect for your next group outing.

  1. It promotes fellowship. If you're not the one throwing the ball, you're back off the approach cheering on your bowler, talking to your other teammates, or getting to know your lane neighbors.

  2. It's a teambuilding activity for your sports, work, or organization team. Work together with your lane mates to score the most pins or highest average while getting to know one another better and having fun. 

  3. Like your friends AND competition? It's friendly competition! 

  4. Ten-Pin bowling too hard? Ask the bowling attendant to set your machines to 8 or 9 pin bowling or 3-6-9 bowling. We have other fun alternatives to 10-pin as well, like Bowling Bingo and Crazy Bowling.

  5. Our 14-lane facility is not too big to be cozy with your friends and co-workers, yet there's lots of room to move around. Our facility will comfortably accommodate 86 bowlers or about 100 people.

  6. We're smoke and alcohol-free! (In our two years as Grace Lanes, the alley has had ZERO incidents of obnoxious behavior requiring more than just a reminder that we are family friendly.)

  7. It's an inexpensive way to provide entertainment for your whole group.

  8. Bowling is easy to learn and fun even if you're not an expert.  

  9. It's always the right weather for bowling. Hot or cold, it's a cool 70 degrees in the alley.

  10. If bowling's not your thing, you can sit and enjoy a snack from our snack bar or pick up a cue stick and shoot some pool.

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